The Grandma Museum is a digital archive of gifts from grandmothers to grandchildren. The site's main collection features over 100 photographed items from one particular grandmother to her granddaughter. The Museum also invites visitors to submit gifts they have received from their grandmothers and displays them in a neatly curated blog.  


As co-founder of the Museum, a lot of time was spent deciding what way to best manifest the sentimentality and size of the collection in a digestible form. We decided a digital museum could reach a wider audience and preserve the collection, especially as some of the items deteriorate, rather than exhibit in a physical gallery space.

We shot every item in the permanent collection with a Nikon D800 and organized the items into 12 unique categories. The submissions page allows users to participate and to spend a little time appreciating the sweetness in receiving a gift from a grandparent. 



Creative Direction: Patrick Alfred and Sarah Koik