Peek is a social media platform designed to evolve the 'temporary content' craze from its primitive start to a new, fully grown means of communicating. With 8 unique filters, unlimited text, and the ability to upload pre-existing content, Peek gives users the freedom to create beautiful photo and video content easily.

Users can share content with all their friends at once, control the number of views (1,2, or download), and allow other users to 'follow' them without enabling two-way sending. It's essentially ephemeral messaging to mass audiences rather than 1-1. 


As a co-founder of Peek, I was responsible for all design needs.


Smart Sign-up - User enters only a phone number and Peek determines if sign-up or sign-in fields should appear. No need to enter usernames and passwords just to find out a previous account exists. 

Simple and Short Onboarding - Shown for first time users and available in the settings for future reference.

Still and Video Editing - 8 unique filters, unlimited text, and number of views (1,2, or download).

Personalized Management - User can organize friends into groups, tag certain friends as favorites for faster messaging, view data on sent messages (likes/dislikes/watched/unwatched/downloads/screenshots), and view overall stats for sent content (weekly/monthly/all-time)



UX/UI/visual/graphic design: Patrick Alfred