Hewlett Packard Enterprise is one of two newly publicly traded companies arising from the separation of Hewlett-Packard into HPE and HP Inc.

HPE is a market-leading company that's defining the next generation of infrastructure, software, and services for the New Style of IT. 


"It wasn’t long ago that we celebrated HP’s 75th anniversary, which is also considered the founding of Silicon Valley.  And six months ago, we announced that HP would separate into two new industry leading Fortune 50 companies. Today, we’re embarking upon another leg of our journey with the launch of the new brand for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which we unveiled to employees this morning. 

When we announced the separation, we knew that the name Hewlett Packard Enterprise would carry a rich legacy.  We wanted to build on the past and create a brand that supports the business we are today and projects who we will be in the future."

Meg Whitman

(Chairwoman, President, and CEO of Hewlett-Packard)


To develop a layout and visual system across the entire 80+ page marketing website for the newly created Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Layout, photo manipulation, creation of a component library, custom CMS publishing, as well as visual systems for product display, photo treatments, and typography.


Digital designer: I was one of 5 designers working with a large team at Razorfish (~90) working directly with strategy, copy, user experience, engineers, project managers, and subject matter experts. Reporting directly to a visual Creative Director, I was responsible for photo sourcing and manipulation (lifestyle & product), page layout, and design for a majority of HPE.com.


Updated visual product display - unified perspectives and a more saturated tone.

Art Director: Brian Ziffer / Adam Aaron
Designer: Patrick Alfred